Systems Programmer (UE4)

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Molly Stiles-Winfield
+1 2133256784

Systems Programmer (UE4)

Studio is seeking a motivated Systems programmer to join our development team.

We’re looking for an engineer with a strong foundation in software engineering who enjoys working on a diverse set of challenging problems. We're is a highly collaborative and iterative environment. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to communicate easily and effectively with fellow coders, designers and artists.

• Develop high-performance, robust, maintainable code in a cross-platform environment.
• Understand user workflows to develop software that is easy to use and improves productivity.
• Design and implement modifications, reorganizations, extensions, and optimizations to existing codebase.
• Work closely with designers and artists to implement their ideas, providing technical, creative, and scheduling feedback.
• Actively maintain skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry.
• Maintain build stability by tracking, finding, and fixing some of the more difficult bugs that surface during development.
• Optimize builds for memory and performance across many platforms.

• Highly proficient in C++ programming language.
• Comfortable with multi-threading, templates, and optimizing for size as well as speed.
• Strong problem solving and debugging skills.
• Experience with multiple languages, frameworks and tools a plus.
• Strong 3D math skills.
• Self-motivated and passionate about games.
• Good team communication skills, able to translate rough ideas into concrete implementations
• 1+ years of Unreal Engine 4 experience.
• 3+ years industry experience.