This is our TaaS (Talent as a Service) product, aimed at helping studios, who are likely to require multiple hires over a period of 6-18 months +.

This is a subscription-based model, with an agreed monthly amount, dependant on needs, which has saved some of our clients over $200k p/a.

Features; Dedicated Account Manager, with onsite assistance if required, one set fee per month, with an agreed number of heads delivered, we act as an extension of your Internal HR/Talent functions

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Mercury is our solution for studios that require four or more developers over a period of between 3-12 months.

We will include a discount to reflect the volume of hires that are required, with the ability to offer added time and cost-saving benefits such as Technical testing, conducting video interviews, and branded microsites.

Features; Upfront SLAs agreed and in place from the start, employer-branded microsites, marketing campaigns and social media content, optional use of our bespoke Video Technology platform for interviews

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Jett is our standard search product, for studios that would like to test out our services, before engaging in a more formal, long term relationship.

We’re certain you’ll be suitably pleased with the result

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If you'd like to tailor one of our solutions, then reach out and we can chat requirements.

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