GameLogic talks to Co-CEO of Lux Machina

GameLogic talks to Co-CEO of Lux Machina

It’s time for GameLogic’s company of the week! Introducing Lux Machina! We had a chat with the lovely Co-CEO at Lux Machina Philip Galler, to talk about company culture, how they’re changing the game when it comes to creating immersive environments, and a few tips on interviewing at our company of the week! 

What started as a group of programmers with a dream to transform the production world by developing and engineering cutting-edge technical solutions for their clients, grew into a team of bold industry explorers, nerdy systems architects, and seasoned expert technologists. Their passion is creating the jaw-dropping moments that push the boundaries of entertainment production. They develop and engineer leading-edge technical video solutions for film and TV, broadcast, live events and permanent installations. Specializing in virtual production, in-camera visual effects, display technologies and creative screens control.

What made you want to create immersive environments?

We believe that by enabling creatives to make decisions visually, and organically in situ, we can tell better stories and provide more impactful experiences for audiences of all kinds. One of the best ways of doing this is providing immersive environments, and using technology to empower creatives through in-camera visual effects and virtual technologies. We started as a small team of engineers, designers, and technologists who worked at an equipment vendor. We evolved our team into a group of frontier leading pioneers in technology led by what fascinated us and with an earnest drive to solve the problems productions were actually facing. 


Can you tell us about some of the technologies you are using?

We use real-time content powered by products like Unreal Engine, displayed on LED Walls, laser projection, and interactive lighting setups. This means we have knowledge of things like video systems, DMX based lighting systems, and display technologies. 


What have been some of the coolest projects you’ve got to work on?

Oblivion, Rogue One, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mandalorian. Top Gun 2: Maverick and The Emmys' Golden Globes. 


What advice would you give to budding developers?

Understanding production workflows and the need for agile, flexible solutions that are also user accessible is key. We often have people who aren't as familiar with how to code interfacing with senior and junior developers, and understand how to speak across various walks of life is important. Also document everything. 


How would you describe what it is like to be part of the Lux Machina team? 

Inclusive, high speed team based environment that foster opportunity and choice for people who come from various backgrounds. We try hard to make sure everyone feels like they can pursue what they need to pursue.  


What does Lux look for when hiring? (practical skill-wise) 

C++ skills, python skills, front end/UX/UI experience. Production experience, stage operations experience, motion capture experience.


What does Lux look for when hiring? 

Troubleshooting ability, eagerness to learn, positive attitude, willing to grow in many facets, willing to learn more about technology, willing to help be part of a scaling business.  


What is your best interview tip for someone interviewing at Lux? 

Be honest, and be willing to reveal weaknesses - we will find out one way or another. Be able to communicate what you know and what you don't know clearly - it is okay to not know things, we are all here to learn. Be willing to give us feedback and express concerns about the position, we want to have transparent dialogue about opportunities.


Why people should join Lux Machina? (maybe something about super exciting projects coming up

I think Lux Machina provides one of the most exciting opportunities in the entertainment industry, providing a deep insight into the science and technology of artistic freedom. If you believe that you are the right fit for finding new avenues of using technology to create new forms of human expression and immersive experiences. Our work covers all of the markets related to the entertainment industry, and we have opportunities at global scale.