Game Development Resumes

Game Development Resumes

It’s important to have a well-rounded game developer resume to use when applying for game development jobs. The game industry is very competitive, so it's important that your game developer resume stands out from the crowd.

Game Developer Resume Tips

When creating a game developer resume, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when putting your game developer resume together.

-    Learn game design

-    Belong to game developer clubs, participate in game jams, and get involved with game development communities online

-    Read game development blogs and gain skills through tutorials that are available all over the internet. You should also consider taking game development courses or classes.

Here are a few tips to look for when creating your game development resume. 

Highlight your Experience in Game Development so far

When creating a game developer resume, you should include all of your game development experience where possible. If you are not a game developer yet, this is the area in your game developer resume that will be weak. 

One of the best tips we can give is having different resumes for certain applications, catering your skills to each job type you apply to! It's great for employers to see exactly why you are the best for the job, without having to scroll through hundreds of pages of information that doesn't relate to them.

You may or may not have game design experience already or specific game development experience under your belt yet. 

Game development experience is any kind of relevant work experience that you have in game development, such as game testing, creating game assets (such as 3D models and textures), game design, game balancing, etc.

Your Core Qualification

Your game developer resume should contain a list of your core qualifications.  These are the game development skills that you have listed on your game developer resume, but these game development skills are not your game development experience so far. 

Examples include software programs such as Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, etc., game engines such as Unity 3D, game development middleware such as Panda3D or Torque Game Builder, game programming languages such as C++ or Java.

Mention How does this position fit into your career goals

Your game developer resume should contain a statement on how you feel that this job fits into your career. For example, if you are applying for mid-level game development jobs but want to move into other roles in a game development company, such as senior and director roles, then you can mention along with your experience how the company/project you are applying for fits into your plan longterm - and how you see your progression there!

Game Developer Resume Format

When creating a game developer resume, you should format your game developer resume like any other game development resume:

-    Name and location

-    Contact information

-    Professional game development Skills

-    Years of game development experience (if any game design or game programming experience)

Key Achievements

Include game development achievements on game developer resume.  For game design game dev resumes, these game design game development achievements could be published games that you designed or game jams that you participated in (whereby you finished a game within 24 hours).

-    For programmers, including the number of lines of code for particular game engines and game programming game dev experience.

-    You can include any awards or shipped titles you've worked on.

-    For game testers' game development resumes, include game series or game titles that you tested on the game developer resume.

List your Skills

List your game developer resume skills.  These game development game dev skills could be game programming languages that you've used, game development middleware such as Panda3D or Torque Game Builder, and software programs such as Photoshop and Maya. It's also great to list things like people skills, admin knowledge and how well organised you are!