Meet The Team

GameLogic is a family of passionate, professional, ambitious, market-leading stars.

Myke Parrott


The founder of i-Gem (DataLogic and GameLogic), Myke has over 10 years experience in Recruitment and has been a business owner for 5+ years. Splitting his time across the 2 brands, Myke continues to enjoy the BD element of the role and has somehow managed to become even worse with DIY jobs required in the office, much to the amusement of colleagues who often enjoy filming such clangers. Myke is the proud dad of two little girls, Isla and Mahli, and an avid rugby fan - operating as Director of Rugby at his club, Maidenhead RFC. He is a big Portsmouth FC fan, and enjoys playing with them on Football Manager 2021; with consistent failure… 

Phil Smith


Joining GameLogic in February 2018, Phil as the most senior member of the GL team is officially the “nicest guy in recruitment”. Famous for his colorful jumpers, his strong aptitude for puns, and an unquestionable tier-one teammate in pub quizzes, an MSc of Music Tech holder, and an enjoyer of video games, Phil is a self-confessed tech geek, who has taught himself to program in Unity. 

Finn Payton


It has been an interesting route into recruitment for Finn, who joins the GameLogic squad after a 2-year professional career playing Fortnite for esteemed eSports organization Rogue, finishing as high as 8th in the World.  In typical "Finn style", his tenacity at the application stage set him apart, and since joining in January 2021, it’s that energy and enthusiasm, which has seen him make a rip-roaring start. A questionable haircut and unique dress sense, Finn is also a talented guitarist, taking inspiration from Omar Lopez Rodriguez, of At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta. 

Molly Stiles-Winfield


Molly is an integral part of the flourishing GameLogic division, and in a short space of time, has secured some fantastic relationships with AAA Gaming Studios already, across the USA. Her Gaming preferences currently lie in more mainstream titles, with Mario Kart a particular favourite, whilst outside of work she possesses a fondness for sparkling wines, as well as fine-dining, swearing, and Snappy Chat.

Gary Goldsmith

Non-Executive Director

Gary Goldsmith is a titan of the recruitment industry, famous for being one of the major influencers in the SThree success story, having driven them towards the firm’s multi-office UK strategy, and then progressing to International dominance, opening 8 International offices in just 4 years. He was responsible for over 60% of Group EBIT at Flotation, and was significantly involved in both the sale to Barclays Private Equity and subsequent IPO. Gary is our Non-Exec Director here at i-Gem, helping to advise, mentor, and drive growth. 

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